Olive Wagyu is one of the rarest steaks on the planet, produced by only a handful of farmers in the Kawaga Prefecture of Japan. It brings together two of the region's most storied and delicious agricultural traditions -- beef and olives -- and marries them for stunning steak.

With a rich, luscious flavor profile that stems from a specialized cattle diet, these steaks deliver a completely distinctive eating experience. Whether you're seeking to create a memorable meal at home or you'd like to give an upscale gift to a loved one or client, Olive Wagyu is an excellent choice. Learn more about what makes this brand of Wagyu so rare.

Olive Wagyu is higher in monounsaturated oleic acid and richer in umami flavor than any other Japenese Wagyu, including Kobe.

Rich, Tender Wagyu

In terms of location, all Olive Wagyu is sourced from Shodoshima Island in the Kawaga Prefecture , an area which features a mild climate perfect for raising Wagyu. There are only 1,700 Sanuki cattle on the island, all of which are fed a special type of feed featuring a dehydrated and roasted mulch of olives. This produces the rich, tender texture of Olive Wagyu beef, which has higher levels of oleic acid and yellowed fat, creating a slightly nutty taste.

It’s halal certified by NPO Japan Halal Association.