Rarer and more exclusive than Kobe Wagyu beef. Tajimaguro of Ueda Farm was awarded the Authentic Tajima Cattle Award. That's right, 99% of Japan Wagyu is born of the Tajima breed, Kuroge Washu is the ancestor of Japan Wagyu.

The Ueda farm also produces Kobe beef, but it raises its tajimaguro to be higher than the Kobe beef standard by focusing on the health of its cows. Normally, the farmer would raise his cows and send them to a fattening farm before slaughter. There, on the fattening farm, they will be fed imported corn for fattening the cow. But at the Ueda farm, they raise and fatten their cows on the same farm. And at the time of fattening. Cows will be fed with healthy feed blended with grain, sesame, soba, wheat and non-genetically modified corn. This will maintain healthy and disease-free cows. And make the meat more succulent and juicy.

Tajimaguro Wagyu's uniqueness is its melting point at 12.4• C. Where as other Wagyu at 24• C. It is so light similar to the tastings of Otoro tuna. Hence, they are called Tajimaguro.
Tajima + Maguro
Malaysia is fortunate to be the first country outside Japan to have Tagimaguro. Even in Japan, Tajimaguro are a rarity. Most of the time, you need to reserve. Even for the Malaysia market, the farmer was only able to supply one cow every two months due to their limited number of cows.
It’s halal certified by NPO Japan Halal Association.