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Premium Exclusive Tajimaguro Wagyu A5

OUR SHABU-SHABU CUT- Our shabu-shabu is cut thicker just like how you would have it in Japan. It’s less in slices but you will have explosive of wagyu flavor in your mouth. 

Originated near Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.  

Tajimaguro beef fat melts at much lower temperatures than all Japanese Wagyu beef. At 12.4C, which is why it feels like it melts in your mouth and why it has to be watched closely when cooked.   

Cooking and Serving Instruction

Defrost overnight in the fridge.

Remove package from fridge 2 hours prior from cooking it. Do not remove the plastic from the skin packaging until you are ready to cook it. Meat should be close to room temperature.

Cook your Tajimaguro wagyu 2 seconds in a boiling dashi soup for medium rare. 3 seconds for medium and 4 seconds for medium well.

Enjoy it with a side of yuzu sauce with ground daikon and chopped spring onions.

Or goma(Japanese sesame) sauce.

Sake pairing suggestion for Tajimaguro shabu-shabu:

The amino acids in sake and the amino acid found in wagyu are synergistic.

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Toyobijin Aiyama Junmai Daiginjyo 


JHA (NPO Japan Halal Association) Certified